This form is for ATTORNEYS ONLY! Please read instructions below.

Attorney's please fill out this form by answering all the questions to request a login and access to the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit's Automated Calendar System (JACs) and someone will respond to you shortly.

Pro Se litigants (Persons representing themselves) DO NOT use this form.

NOTE: The JACS system was designed to work with bar license numbers only, as a way of tracking attorneys who schedule hearings. We will not be able to create a JACS account for anyone other than attorneys. If you require a hearing date please use one of these methods:

  1. Work with opposing counsel and have them schedule a hearing on an agreed time/date.
  2. Contact the presiding judge’s Judicial Assistant for your scheduling needs. Here is our Judicial Directory: Click Here.
  3. File a motion requesting a hearing per the Florida Trial Court Rules.

Request for JACS Login

This will be used for receiving hearing confirmations.